Marketing in the Era of AI

Businesses are making changes across departments to incorporate AI into their operations and products. Beyond generative AI, the marketing department has a unique opportunity to improved awareness of customer needs and behaviours, and tailor marketing to deliver on business objectives.   Marketing increasingly depends on data and understanding the needs of your customers. Throughout AI, marketers […]

What do the 5 fastest-growing e-Commerce Companies in Europe have in common?

The Financial Times and Statista have recently shared the FT1000, the 1000 fastest-growing companies in Europe. While there are many inspiring businesses present, I chose to focus on the top performing e-Commerce companies. The industry is very competitive with a mix of giants and small independent businesses, working to deliver the best digital experience in […]

Embedded Finance in 2024

I am delighted to be back in India for the next month, meeting with clients and industry leaders while spending time travelling and seeing my family. When I return to India, I am often reminded how crucial fintech is in improving everyday lives and providing access to financial products, among other things. One of the […]

Three AI Use Cases in Financial Services

2023 has seen a lot of discussion about AI in general, and how it will transform businesses. To kick off 2024, I want to share how AI is impacting the fintech industry specifically to improve processes for businesses and outcomes for consumers. Algorithmic Trading Current uses of AI demonstrate the great potential for its use […]

Using Data to build Trust

As part of brand positioning and value creation exercise, I always ask my clients to think about trust. Trust is so important for building a solid brand reputation and consistent customer conversion. One of the most important factors for building trust, is transparency about a business’ use of data. The majority of customers want to […]

A Summary of the India Fintech Market

I always enjoy returning to India, this time to enjoy Diwali, the festival of light and also taking the time to meet some really cool fintechs in India. It amazes me how much the industry has accelerated in the last five years.    The market is growing rapidly, ranked third behind the USA and UK […]

Building a Go-To-Market Strategy

As a marketing and growth advisor, one of the first things I start with is a go-to-market (GTM) strategy.   Gartner define a GTM strategy as:  “a plan that details how an organisation can engage with customers to convince them to buy their product or service and to gain a competitive advantage. A GTM strategy […]

Creating Sustainable Growth through Value Creation

If you are the CEO of a fast-growing fintech company, what I’m going to share next will resonate with you.  With the uncertain macro-economic and socio-political environment, you need to think about new models of value creation through sustained and relevant growth.  Having read McKinsey’s report, Fintechs: A New Paradigm of Growth, it struck me […]