How C-Suite can tackle immediate challenges and build long-term revenue opportunities in 2024?

With global economic growth set to slow for a third year in a row to 2.6%, CEOs are facing a range of challenges to ensure businesses continue to thrive. 2024 will see continued high interest and inflation rates globally, generating business uncertainty for the future. C-suite teams are under pressure to implement automation practices to improve business efficiency and utilise AI and customer data to create improved digital experiences. There is also an increasing need for businesses to differentiate themselves from competitors using messaging that showcases a unique institutional capability, or superpower.

While intentions tend to be good, I have seen a lot of businesses expect growth to be an inevitable outcome of their regular activity, without building a sustainable strategy and business model for growth. Business leaders are under pressure to focus on short-term revenue and immediate trends with the risk of losing sight on long term goals.

I founded the Smita Gupta Advisory to solve the marketing and growth obstacles many scale-ups face and improve the alignment of marketing to revenue and growth. With the right processes, systems, capabilities and skillsets, businesses can tackle the immediate concerns mentioned above, while also improving the business for the future. Goals such as optimising the return on investment, operational efficiency, and accelerating revenue growth can not be expected to happen without a robust strategy in place.

Our Marketing and Growth Services:

We are a team of marketing and growth experts that support global brands in the FinTech, SaaS and e-commerce space to achieve sustainable and scalable revenue growth.

We have four core service offerings to help address the go to market needs of our clients.

Premium CMO Advisory

Full marketing transformation package

While your marketing team has played a pivotal role in your current position, the question remains: Can it propel you to your next phase of growth? If not, you might be looking for an interim CMO, a Marketing Advisor or similar to step in and drive you forward.

This is precisely where we come in. We provide you with CMO-as-a-Service, where we partner with you from the formulation of a marketing strategy to its seamless implementation. Passionate about supporting you in your growth goals, we transform your marketing into a revenue-generating engine with our unique toolkit. You get access to our Go-to-Market Vault, accumulating years of marketing expertise into processes tailor-made for your business.

Growth Accelerator

Project based marketing support

We support your business with a variety of short-term projects for your marketing needs. From helping you re-align messaging to revitalising your existing marketing plans, we can step in at any stage to get you back on the right track.

You receive the same expert advice and support, directed at high-priority initiatives. Specialist expertise can go a long way in discovering what is preventing your business from achieving your growth goals, so we offer these services for a wide variety of areas.

Marketing On-Demand

Expertise as you need it

We offer one-to-one calls on a pay-as-you-go basis, supporting your strategy and leadership team as and when you need it. From strategy to talent, go-to-market to leadership, this service supports you where you need it most.

This service offers you a variety of ways to utilise our expert team in your high priority areas. A strategy call or workshop can be the quickest way to get your business back on track.

NED & Board Advisory

Optimise your board

With a proven track record in fueling the growth of dynamic enterprises, I am looking to share my financial and commercial insight with new boards. I excel at inspiring executive teams to innovate boldly and pursue ambitious strategies, while skillfully navigating risks.

My extensive experience in enabling businesses to deliver through meticulous strategic planning and executive team development ensure I am a dynamic addition to any board looking for sustainable growth.

We have carefully curated our services to align with the issues scale ups face when striving for the next level.

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