Power your business with a sustainable marketing growth engine.


We are a team of Marketing and Growth consultants led by Smita herself, that support global brands in the FinTech, SaaS and e-Commerce space to achieve sustainable and scalable revenue growth.

Driven by Smita’s tried-and-tested approach, values and 25 years’ proven global experience, we bring high-growth and commercially driven marketing practices and talent to your business. We advise, build and transform marketing functions from the ground up, equipping teams, CEOs, CMOs and other key leaders with trusted tools and frameworks essential for growth.

Our Offer

We work with you to align and supercharge your growth by focusing on four key parts of a well-oiled marketing engine - Strategy, People, Delivery and Tools, and Insights – designed to power your business toward sustainable growth and success.

Guiding your business
Creating robust, sustainable growth strategies to help you achieve your goals such as international expansion, tapping into new and emerging markets, gaining competitive advantage and fostering product innovation to stay ahead.

We do this through:

Marketing Plans
Developing robust marketing plans aligned with your business goals.

GTM (Go-To-Market)
Crafting effective market entry and expansion plans.

Commercially Viable Marketing Operating Plan
Ensuring financial viability in execution.

Goal Prioritisation:
Streamlining objectives for maximum impact.

Expansion & Scaling
Structuring growth strategies for seamless scalability.

Empowering your team
People are crucial to the success of any sustainable growth plan, therefore we empower your people with the tools and guidance they need to reach personal, team and business goals.  

We empower by offering:

Strategic counsel to navigate challenges.

Talent Audit, Develop & Recruitment. Optimising your team’s skills and capabilities.

One-on-one coaching for development.

KPIs and OKR Setting
Defining key performance indicators and objectives.

Support in managing teams.

Succession Planning
Ensuring continuity through thoughtful leadership transitions.

Optimising workforce allocation for efficiency.

Change Management
Guiding your team through transformative periods.

Enabling your people
The right tools can mean the difference between success and failure. Our advisory service equips you with essential methodologies, frameworks, playbooks, tools and templates to maximise efficiency and marketing output.

We do this through:

Review, Roadmap, Implementation
Transforming your sales and marketing operation

Methodologies & Frameworks
Implementing proven strategies for success.

Streamlining operations for optimal efficiency.

Focused projects to maximise marketing Return on Investment (ROI).

Sales & Marketing Technology stack roadmap and implementation.

Dashboards, KPIs, and ROI
Useful, accurate, timely data, reports and dashboards to aid impactful data-driven decision-making.

Make informed, impactful decisions
For long term growth and success, you need strategic industry insight. Gaining insight requires easy and fast access to accurate, relevant and timely data and information.

We do this through:

Tips, best practices, and lessons learnt to succeed in the fast-growing fintech, SaaS and high-tech industry.

Market Intelligence 
In-depth research and monitoring of trends, customer, industry and markets.

Performance Measurement
Metrics to inform and evolve the strategy.

Premium CMO Advisory

Full marketing transformation package

A marketing and growth advisor to empower, support, and steer your business towards success.

While your marketing team has played a pivotal role in your current position, the question remains: Can it propel you to your next phase of growth? If not, you might be looking for an interim CMO, a Marketing Advisor or similar to step in and drive you forward. This is precisely where we come in. We provide you with CMO-as-a-Service, where we partner with you from the formulation of a marketing strategy to its seamless implementation. Passionate about supporting you in your growth goals, we transform your marketing into a revenue-generating engine with the Smita Gupta Advisory toolkit. You get access to our Go-to-Market Vault, accumulating years of marketing expertise into processes tailor-made for your business.

Growth Accelerator

Project based marketing support

Project management and short-term support for high priority initiatives.

We support your business with a variety of short-term projects for your marketing needs. From helping you re-align messaging to revitalising your existing marketing plans, we can step in at any stage to get you back on the right track.

Marketing On-Demand

Expertise as you need it

Expert Marketing advice delivered through a strategy call, so you get a much needed boost.

We offer one-to-one calls on a pay-as-you-go basis, supporting your strategy and leadership team as and when you need it. From strategy to talent, go-to-market to leadership, this service supports you where you need it most.

NED & Board Advisory

Optimise your board

A fearless and dynamic force to inspire and drive innovation.

With a proven track record in fuelling the growth of dynamic enterprises, Smita brings a wealth of financial and commercial insight to the board. Fearless in her approach, she excels at inspiring executive teams to innovate boldly and pursue ambitious strategies, while skilfully navigating risks.

Smita has extensive experience in enabling businesses to deliver through meticulous strategic planning and executive team development.

The Process

1 Discovery

The first step is getting to know you, your business and the challenges you face in achieving your business goals.

2 Solution Design

Tailored to your goals, we work with you to build a plan and recommended approach that covers Strategy, People, Delivery and Tools, and Insights - the building blocks you need to achieve your growth plan.

3 Activation

Unlike some consulting firms that stop at Step 2, we’ll work with you to enable your team, accelerate your marketing engine and ensure you are set up for success.

Are you ready to supercharge your growth journey?

An Advisory with a Difference

Here are just a few things that make us stand out from many other marketing consultancies, growth advisors, fractional and interim CMOs.

Smita Gupta

A thought leader with 25 years’ global experience.


Working with leading fintech, e-Commerce, SaaS and high-tech brands.


A track record of success in building sustainable growth strategies.

Global Experience

We know how to scale into new territories and markets.


Underpinned by trust and a commitment to deliver excellence.


To empower brands with sustainable marketing growth engines.

Industries We Cover

Our expertise is in the fintech, e-Commerce, SaaS and high-tech industries. We build and transform marketing functions from the ground up - into sustainable growth engines.





High Tech






IT Services

Financial Management

Smita Gupta has a terrific understanding of Fintech, Innovation, Ecosystem and Marketplace plays. She played a pivotal role in our partnership with Finastra Marketplace and Platform and helped us sharpen our proposition. I would highly recommend her for collaborative approach and her ability to strategically position a brand or product in the Fintech space.

Ravi Shankar
CEO and Co-Founder at Active Intelligence Pte Ltd