Finastra partner ecosystem – what’s different?

At Finastra we believe the future of finance is open. Collaboration with partners is crucial to success for banks, fintechs and other ecosystem players alike. Innovation can be dramatically accelerated through open collaboration – for the benefit of all. Building a strong partner ecosystem that delivers real value to end customers requires an investment of […]

Personal and Passionate- Interview with 4 inspirational leaders I know..

On International Women’s Day this year, I wanted to step back and take a look at the key themes attached to the issue of women at work and practical ways of dealing with the challenges we face. Diversity & inclusion (D&I) is a key element of leadership, and women aspiring to the top roles must combine […]

Coffee’s on me – but pay the favor forward…

Last week at our office Christmas party, I won a voucher for a two-night stay at a nice hotel. On impulse I gave it to a colleague with one ask: pay it forward by doing something for someone else. I plan to continue this practice – I believe it produces positive results over and above […]

Do you have the courage to lead?

This month’s 12PM Talk Show focused on the importance of courage – in our everyday lives, our careers, and as leaders. I was joined by best-selling author, speaker, and Forbes columnist Margie Warrell for her insights. Here are the main takeaways from our conversation: Brave leadership Research shows that we overestimate risk and underestimate positive outcomes – we are […]

Diversity and inclusion: more than checking the box

These days you might be forgiven for thinking women don’t face challenges in the technology sector. There’s Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook and Susan Wojcicki at YouTube. The CEO of IBM is Ginni Rometty and Safra Catz is a co-CEO at Oracle. Women are breaking the glass ceiling in technology – so what’s the problem? As a […]

Lessons for life from the horse’s mouth

I am learning to ride a horse for almost a year now and like all beginners I recently fell off! The damage to my arm and back is insignificant compared to the damage to my pride. I thought I was doing rather well. However, the fall did me far more good than harm. Learning how to fall off – without damaging anything – is an […]